Complex Endometriosis Center

The CEC has solid and recognized experience in the use of the CO2 laser (Acupulse, Lumenis) in laparoscopic surgery, with more than 4,000 cases of deep endometriosis operated using this technique. At present, the CEC is the only center in France offering laparoscopic CO2 laser surgery for the treatment of endometriosis in its most complex forms, with experience published in the scientific literature.

CO2 laser has been widely proven effective (14, 15, 16, 17) for conservative treatment of ovarian, digestive and urological endometriosis and its advantages are multiple. It allows great precision in dissection and its use is associated with a lower risk of hemorrhage(15, 16). It also offers faster recovery, as witnessed by an average hospitalization rate for deep rectal endometriosis of 1-2 days(17).

Thanks to its low diffusion rate deep endometriosis can be excised even when it is in close proximity to the digestive tract or ureter, thereby preserving the organ in the vast majority of cases. Moreover, since the laser passes through endoscopy optics, three pelvic instruments can be maintained, whose role it is to expose tissues by means of triangulation that conventional instruments cannot achieve. This makes surgery safer, and all interventions, even complex ones, shorter.

Moreover, laser use does not incur any additional costs and requires no single-use material.

CO2 laser
CO2 laser