Complex Endometriosis Center

The Centre de l'Endométriose Complex (CEC) has decided to make it easier to send patient files (MRI, PET scan, CT scan, reports) via the ROFIM platform (free platform).

To submit your application, you must :

1. Create your account
The platform will validate your registration within 48 hours.

2. Create a request for an opinion by selecting "networks" in the left-hand menu, then "Complex Endometriosis Center", then click on "request a case".

3. Complete the tabs: administrative information (patient details), clinical description and paraclinical examinations (download images), then publish your request!



Telerexpertise is billed directly to the Assurance Maladie (third-party payment) and is covered at 100% by the compulsory health insurance scheme.

For the requesting doctor or midwife (who seeks the opinion), telerexpertise is billed at €10 by the doctor or midwife who requested the telerexpertise, up to a limit of 4 acts per year, per requesting doctor, and 2 acts per year, per midwife, for the same patient.