Complex Endometriosis Center

The Complex Endometriosis Center
A comprehensive, expert approach to optimal patient care

Since 2016, the Complex Endometriosis Center has established itself as the essential reference in the management of endometriosis, embodying the expertise of healthcare professionals dedicated to the cause of women suffering from this pathology.

By creating a unique multidisciplinary consultation platform, the CEC brings together the skills of internationally renowned specialists: gynecological surgeons, advanced radiologists, visceral surgeons, urologists, experts in in vitro fertilization, algologists, psychologists, sexologists, and biologists in medically assisted procreation (MAP).

Each patient is at the heart of this holistic approach. Every case is analyzed from every angle, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and personalized care. CEC's rigorous approach is reflected in meticulous imaging reviews, thorough pre-operative check-ups, informed surgical decisions, and involvement in PMA at the cutting edge of medical advances.

In addition, the possibility of inclusion in clinical trial protocols testifies to CEC's commitment to remaining at the forefront of the most innovative treatments.

The Endometriosis Complex Center doesn't just offer care. It offers an exceptional medical experience, where clinical excellence meets a human and caring approach, making each patient an absolute priority.

Endometriosis surgery

When should endometriosis be treated surgically?

Endometriosis, whatever its form, is a complex gynecological condition whose treatment may sometimes require surgical intervention. There are several clinical situations that may lead gynecological surgeons to recommend a surgical approach:

  • When symptoms persist despite hormonal treatment.
  • When hormonal treatments are poorly tolerated.
  • When a hormonal solution is not an option due to the desire for pregnancy.
  • When endometriosis causes infertility.
  • In the event of a threat to pelvic organ function.
  • When the disease progresses despite other treatments.

Excisional surgery, performed by our specialized surgical team in close collaboration with the various experts involved in the patient's care, should then be considered.

Once theindication for surgery has been established and the treatment plan validated by the multidisciplinary consultation meeting, the care plan is explained in detail during joint consultations with the various specialists who will be working with the patients concerned.

Thanks to advanced medical imaging and modern surgical techniques, our surgeons operating on a specially adapted technical platform are able to offer precise surgical care, from targeted ablation to more complex procedures.

In the vast majority of cases, gynecological surgery for endometriosis, performed in an expert environment, not only increases the chances of spontaneous pregnancy, but also those of in vitro fertilization, as we have demonstrated through our research published in leading scientific journals.

Gynecological surgeons

Diagnostic and interventional radiologists

Visceral surgeons





Biologists PMA

A specific surgical approach for each type of endometriosis!

Endometriosis is a complex gynecological disease that manifests itself in different forms, requiring specific therapeutic and surgical approaches.

The CEC takes care to analyze each of the forms of endometriosis presented by our patients on a case-by-case basis, in order to recommend appropriate surgical methods for each, highlighting the nuances and associated challenges.

  • L'peritoneal endometriosis Treatment by laparoscopy, using the CO2 laser to excise or vaporize lesions, while avoiding subsequent dysfunction.
  • L'ovarian endometriosis Ovarian endometriosis can be treated by two surgical methods: cystectomy and laser ablation. Sclerotherapy and alcoholization techniques are still undergoing validation.
  • L'deep endometriosis This is undoubtedly the form of endometriosis that requires the most expert, conservative approach, given the risk to the pelvic organs of surgery.

Surgery for tubal endometriosis and adenomyosis also fall within the remit of the specialists at the Complex Endometriosis Center.

The CO2 laser, a revolution in laparoscopic surgery!

The CO2 laser is a revolutionary advance in the surgical treatment of endometriosis, offering precision and effectiveness where other methods may fail.

Its key quality lies in its ability to precisely target endometriotic lesions, enabling meticulous excision or removal without affecting surrounding tissue. This technical finesse considerably reduces the risk of post-operative complications and accelerates the healing process. We have accurately evaluated the results of this technique through scientific publications and research on several thousand cases.

What's more, the CO2 laser minimizes bleeding during the procedure, offering the surgeon better visibility and, consequently, increasing the chances of a successful operation.
Its use also reduces post-operative pain and recovery time for patients.

As the only surgical center to date to have mastered CO2 laser technology in laparoscopy, this experience bears witness to the constant drive of ECC specialists to develop safer, less invasive and more effective solutions for treating such delicate conditions as endometriosis.

A pioneering center for endometriosis surgery!

The Complex Endometriosis Center is distinguished by its comprehensive care offering, combining expertise in gynecological and obstetric surgery, as well as urological, visceral and digestive surgery, and vascular and diaphragmatic surgery.

This diversity reflects the CEC's commitment to a multidisciplinary approach, essential to addressing the many facets of endometriosis. At the heart of this approach is the CEC's skilled and dedicated medical team, working in a state-of-the-art operating theatre to deliver cutting-edge surgical procedures.

Surgical management at the CEC is not limited to a single operation. It encompasses precise diagnosis, effective screening and meticulous planning of the care pathway, ensuring a personalized intervention tailored to each patient.

The Endometriosis Complex Center embodies excellence in endometriosis management, offering a perfect synergy of medical expertise, advanced technology and patient care, making our center the benchmark in women's health.