Complex Endometriosis Center

Small endometriotic cysts (up to 4 cm in size) are treated by CO2 laser vaporization(14, 16). Wich is logical as the endometriotic wall is very thin. Laser vaporization makes it possible to eradicate the diseased tissue until ovarian fibrosis, which must not be destroyed or the ovarian reserve itself will be affected.

CO2 laser vaporization not only prevents excessive bleeding from the ovary but also preserves ovarian function. This has been widely demonstrated in previous scientific work(14, 16).

This technique is therefore primarily offered to women who wish to maintain their fertility potential, but is not suitable when cysts measure more than 4 cm because of the increased risk of recurrence. In case of endometriotic cysts larger than 4 cm in size in women wishing to preserve their ovarian reserve, the CEC proposes alternative surgical techniques, such as the  mixed technique or 2-stage surgery.

CO2 vaporization