Complex Endometriosis Center

Fertility preservation by oocyte freezing may be needed in the presence of ovarian endometriosis. In some cases, the disease must be treated by surgery, even though there is no immediate wish to conceive.

Depending on the size of the cyst(s) and/or association with deep endometriotic lesions, surgery is usually performed before oocyte preservation in order to boost the number of mature oocytes collected. Indeed, when the endometriotic cyst measures more than 4 cm, the response to ovarian stimulation may be by its presence, resulting in a poorer response(9).

Fertility preservation in endometriosis is an integral part of its management and should be discussed during the preoperative consultation, as well as by multidisciplinary teams. The CEC works in close collaboration with the Avignon AMP Center, which has all the necessary approval and expertise for oocyte freezing.