Complex Endometriosis Center

Deep digestive endometriosis can simultaneously affect the rectum and sigmoid, or other parts of the digestive system like the appendix, lower cecum or small intestine.

In case of multifocal lesions of the rectum and sigmoid, the CEC proposes rectal shaving combined with short sigmoid resection and transsuture anastomosis to mitigate the risk of digestive fistula as far as possible. Such complex procedures require coordination between surgeons accustomed to working together during the same operation. In order for shaving and sigmoid resection to be performed at the same time, it is essential to ensure enough length between the lesions to use the universal stapler, which guarantees anastomosis in healthy tissue. If this is not the case, the digestive procedure needs to be postponed to maintain safety.

In case of other digestive lesions (appendix, cecum, small intestine), their excision is done during the same operation.

The CEC performs these procedures in absolute concert and coordination with a team of visceral surgeons experienced in laparoscopic surgery, the agreement having been in effect since 2016.

digestive-multifocal endometriosis