Complex Endometriosis Center

Ovarian endometriosis surgery is extremely complex for the simple reason that there is no cleavage plane between the endometriotic cyst to be removed and the ovarian cortex, the seat of antral follicles (ovarian reserve)(14). TThe ovarian reserve must therefore be preserved because it is not renewed over time. Great care must be taken of this precious capital and the right surgical decision made depending on the desire for pregnancy, possible infertility, or simply the wish to maintain ovarian function(9).

There are two ways of intervening in case of endometriotic ovarian cysts: cystectomy or laser ablation. Sclerotherapy or alcoholization techniques will not be referred to because these techniques are still being validated and have not yet found their exact role in disease management.

Before each surgical procedure for ovarian endometriosis, it is essential to have some idea of the ovarian reserve in order to be able to compare it postoperatively and manage its maintenance. This is an integral part of the treatment.

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